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Autumn 1 

Autumn 1 curriculum leaflet

This term our topic has been All About Me. We have linked our topic work to different stories, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Kipper’s Birthday. In key groups, we have discussed similarities and differences between ourselves and our families. We have done some fantastic representations of ourselves!

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After reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we decided to make porridge. We tried salty and sweet porridge and described them. We have also used different construction materials to build the three bears’ house. We talked about the three bears’ family and linked it to our own families.

After reading Kipper’s Birthday, we decided to have our own party! We worked together to plan what food we would like, design invitations and make party hats. We made sandwiches and jelly for our party. We even had a party in soft play!

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We have really enjoyed our spending time outside! We have practiced travelling in lots of different ways. We have enjoyed building in the sand and making food in our mud kitchen!

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Autumn 2 

This term our topic has been Changes All Around. We have linked our topic work to different stories, including The Gingerbread Man and Percy the Park Keeper. In key groups, we have discussed changes in weather and changes in state. We even got to make gingerbread men.

After reading The Gingerbread Man, we made gingerbread men. We discussed how gingerbread men start as separate ingredients and are then combined into a dough. We discussed how the dough changes once it is baked. We then tasted our gingerbread men and described how they tasted!

After reading Percy the Park Keeper, we decided to design new homes for the animals! We looked at what habitats each animals live in and what they eat. We thought about which materials we could use and made a plan. During continuous provision, we made our houses for the animals.

We had a fabulous time in the build up to Christmas. We really enjoyed rehearsing and performing our EYFS Christmas play. Sam did a fantastic job of being Whoops-a-daisy angel. We went on our Christmas trip to visit Santa at Beamish. We loved feeding the reindeer! We also got to look around Beamish Village and see the Victorian school. A fantastic day was had by everyone! Finally, we had a lovely visit from the pantomime on our last which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Spring 1 

Our new topic is traditional tales!

EYFS parent leaflet spring 2017