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Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.


Miss Richardson – Nursery teacher

Mrs Green and Mrs Charlton – Teaching assistants

Times of day:

8.30am – 11.30am – Morning session

8.30am – 2.30pm – 30 hour session

12.30pm – 3.30pm – Afternoon session

If you are a working parent(s), you may qualify for a 30 hour code. Please see Miss Richardson for more information.

Nursery Blog – Autumn 2

This term our topic has been Celebrations. We came back after half term full of excitement after our Halloween weekend. We focused on Room on the Broom and made magic potions. We celebrated Bonfire night that week too and made fireworks pictures in the painting area.     

We learnt about the festival of light “Diwali”. We learnt how people celebrate Diwali and made diya lamps using clay. We also made rangoli patterns using 2D shapes.

We were lucky to have a visit from the Beacon of Light this half term who put on a fantastic nursery rhyme themed PE day. We learnt lots of new ball skills.

Our traditional tale this term was the Gingerbread Man which the children have absolutely loved. We baked our own gingerbread men and decorated them. We used our counting and subsitising skills to check how many buttons the gingerbread man had. We used the iPads to design our own gingerbread men on Purple Mash. We drew story maps of the Gingerbread Man and retold the story to our friends.

Finally it was Christmas! We were excited to make our Christmas decorations, cards and calendars to take home to our families. We read the story of Stick Man with Santa appearing at the end. We measured Stick Man and made our own stick families and used our size vocabulary “longer” and “shorter”. We are so excited for Christmas now our naughty elves have arrived and we have had some snow!

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas break. See you in the new year for our new topic “under the sea”.

Miss Richardson, Mrs Green and Mrs Charlton

Nursery Blog – Autumn 1

This term our topic has been All About Me. We have been getting to know our new friends and new classroom routines. We started by looking at what we look like and things we like and dislike. We made some lovely self-portraits.   

We then started talking about our families and who lives in our house. We made houses using construction materials.

We started to look at our bodies and the different body parts we have and what we use them for. We listened to the story Funnybones and learnt about skeletons and made skeleton pictures.

We read Kipper’s Birthday and planned our own birthday party. We made birthday cards and party hats and threw our own party.  

Our traditional tale this term was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We used our senses to explore porridge. We made story maps and retold the story to our friends. We compared sizes and matched the correct items to the different sized bears.

We have had a fabulous half term and learnt lots of new things. We were excited to start taking our home reading books home and sharing these with our families.

Next half term we are going to learn all about different celebrations! I can’t wait! Have a lovely half term holiday.

Miss Richardson, Mrs Green and Mrs Charlton.