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Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Year 1 End of Autumn 1 Term Class Blog

WOW! What a fantastic first term in Year 1, we have enjoyed. This term has been a huge adjustment for all of our children, and they have exceeded our high expectations. Congratulations to all of our children for their amazing dedication to learning – They truly have been wonderful to teach and we hope you enjoy looking at their journey so far…

In Autumn One the children studied: English, Maths, History, Science, Art, DT, Music, R.E, RSHE and PSHE and P.E.

In science, we were looking at body parts. The children studied animals including humans. They spent time learning the names of lots of body parts. We thought about why they are there and what we use them for. Next, we moved onto senses and did lots of investigating to find out how important all of our senses are.

Reading every day is extremely important for us in Year 1 and the children have obviously been working hard at school and at home this term. They are working on Set 1 and 2 sounds already and we are beginning to see some wonderful progress in their fluency. Keep up the good work over the holidays!

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In maths, the children have studied in depth the magic of numbers. They practise writing their numbers daily in digits and words. They have explored mathematical symbols and recognising facts and patterns, which helps to support their fluency in this subject. A target for year one is to be able to count in 2,s 5’s and 10’s speedily. This would be a good challenge for all the children to continue practising over the holidays.

History has been all about Queen Elizabeth ll and the children have thoroughly enjoyed this subject. They have found out lots of information about The Royal Family including traditions and beliefs. They have learnt new vocabulary and can tell you all about what a Monarch is or why we are part of the Commonwealth.

Our P.E. lessons were all about the basics, we have practised running, jumping, hopping and catching. The children loved practising with the balloons.

In art we have studied Thomas Gainsborough, who famously painted portraits of King George lll’s family. The children learnt how to sketch a self-portrait using correct proportions and how to create shadows using cross-hatching techniques. Next, they painted a background using watercolours and then drew their own portrait over the top. There were some fantastic results as you can see.

R.E. has been another subject, that the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about. They have studied the religion of Christianity, this term. We learnt that Christians believe in The Creation Story and we considered how God would want Christians to behave.

In our Design Technology lessons we learnt all about fruit and vegetables. We know how to tell the difference and we tasted lots of new flavours. Once we decided on our favourite fruits and vegetables, we bought ingredients so that we could make our own smoothie. I am sure the children would love to continue their ideas at home over the half-term break.

During RSHE and PSHE lessons we have been following the journey of Yasmin and Tom. We talked about different types of families and situations and linked this with talking about feelings and how to name them. We thought about changes that can happen and what we could do to make ourselves feel better if we feel unhappy. In Music we have begun looking at how to find a beat and the children have been enjoying singing along and clapping out different rhythms.

We are all looking forward to our half term break and hope that all of our Children and Families are able to have a restful and fun time together. Keep up the reading and maths practise! Stay safe and we will be ready to welcome you all back soon


Mrs Stamper and Mrs Keogh