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Autumn 1 

Autumn 1 curriculum leaflet

This term our topic is ‘Our Toy Story’. We designed our own role play area by writing labels, lists and captions for our own class toy shops.  We have read the story Dogger and made predictions of what we thought would happen in the story based on what had shared so far. We made our own story maps and used adjectives to write our own stories about our own lost toy.

In Science we have enjoyed learning about materials and their properties and taking part in our own investigation as to what material would be best for building a toy boat.

Through our topic work we have learned about the toys of the past and present, and we are going to continue this learning into our next half term when we visit beamish. We have looked at the story of Teddy Roosevelt and compared the teddy bears of the past with the teddy bears that we own in the present day.

Autumn 2 

During this half term, the children in Year 1 have enjoyed continuing their learning about toys. They really loved their trip to Beamish, making their own toys and exploring the school. In literacy the children enjoyed performing and making their own poems about teddy bears aswell as writing Christmas lists and stories.  Looking ahead to the new term, we will be starting our topic about transport, investigating our school and local area aswell as developing our knowledge in related to humans/animals

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Spring 1 

Parent info spring 2017 Year 1-HW