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Year 2 – 2C

Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Year 2C Class Blog

What a fantastic start to year 2!  It has been wonderful to see the children returning to school and what a busy half term it has been!


The children have been working in their phonics groups looking at sounds and spelling words correctly and appropriate related texts to the sounds they know. The children enjoy Read Write Inc and it provides structure and familiarity in the children’s learning of sounds and words. Within their groups the children have been working on sounds, reading stories and writing a variety of pieces.  Fantastic work everyone!


In maths we have been recognizing the value of 2 digit numbers and recognizing our number bond to 20.  We have explored length and weight by comparing objects and deciding whether an item is longer or shorter and heavier or lighter.  We have added and subtracted single digit numbers, added and subtracted ones to a 2 digit number and added and subtracted 10 to a 2 digit number.  We have explored 2D and 3D shapes by naming the and describing their properties and looking at pattern and symmetry.


In History we have been learning all about life in England at the time of the Black Death, we have explored the impact of the disease, the transmission, symptoms and how it came to be in England.  We explored Eyewitness accounts from Samuel Pepys and drew on links to our own experiences of the covid pandemic.  We concluded by writing an eyewitness account of living with the plague.


The children have been exploring modelling and simulation. They entered information into a basic computer simulation and explore the effects of changing the variables in simulations and discuss the benefits of using these simulations.  We had lots of fun pretending to be s space rescue team and saving our fellow astronauts from an alien planet.

P.S.H.E. and R.S.E

Our topic this term will be Health and wellbeing, with a focus on positive thinking, we have explored positive thoughts and words and practised hard to use them with our friends. We have using the characters, Yasmin and Tom, to learn about positive relationships and growing up.


The children have explored the suitability and stability of materials in order to design a chair for baby Bear.  We identified man made and natural materials and their properties, tested materials and different shapes then designed, made and evaluated a chair of our own.


They children looked at materials. They investigated the properties of materials and explored why they are used to make particular objects.   We had lots of fun testing different materials and describing their properties


The children practised mastering basic movements and develop their balancing, agility and co-ordination.


The children will look at Christianity. They explored how Jesus taught us that we should always be kind to others even if we are not friends.  We read the story of The Good Samaritan and the story of how Jesus healed the Paralyzed man.  We talked about times we have been kind and when it is not easy to be kind.