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Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Class 2HL Blog

We have been exploring some famous artwork this term. The children learned how to create a colour wheel and how contrasting colours sit opposite each other on the wheel. They mixed colours to create tones and tints. The children made some brilliant observations about Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting and Gentileschi’s ‘Annunciation’ painting. They identified how the artists had contrasted light and dark. The children practiced using thick and thin brush strokes to create their own starry night art work. The children have really enjoyed their learning and produced some fantastic work. Their final piece was a dark landscape painting.

Our topic for Science has been ‘Animals including humans’. As part of this learning, the children have been exploring life cycles of animals and humans.

The children have also been learning about keeping ourselves healthy through exercise, diet and good hygiene.

The children have been working hard on calculation methods for addition and subtraction in maths and are becoming much more confident. They have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock and some of the children began to reason and solve problems involving time.

We have also been learning about money. The children could all recognise the value of different coins and notes. They added the value of coins and notes together and they compared amounts of money. Some of the children moved on to reasoning and problem solving with money.

The children in Year 2 continue to follow the Read, Write, Inc programme for reading and writing. They have been working really hard and produced some great pieces of work.

Year 2 Class 2LH Class Blog

The children have had a great start to this academic year and they have all settled in well in their new classes. They have worked really hard this term and have produced some great pieces of work that we’d like to share with you.

Reading and Writing

The children have followed the Read Write Inc. programme for reading and writing. The children have focused on a new sound each lesson, and then this has been followed by a reading session in which the children have focused on a level appropriate text to read with a partner. This text has then been used as a basis for their writing session where the children have used the story they have read to complete writing activities.


The children have looked at various areas of Maths. They began by looking at the place value of a 2 digit number. They then looked at reading and writing numbers in numerals and words. The children then moved on number bond families. We have finished off our half term by looking at 2d and 3d shape.

In science, the children have been learning about materials. They investigated the properties of different materials through experiments.


The children have looked at The Plague in history. They have researched facts such as when it started, how it spread and how it was stopped. They compared and contrasted the Plague to events surrounding Covid-19. They looked at the Diary of Samuel Pepys and then wrote their own eye witness account of the Plague. The children have really enjoyed this topic

We’d like to thank the children for all of their hard work and you for your continued support. We hope the children have a lovely week off.