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Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Year 3H – Autumn Term 2

In Maths this term we have been learning formal written methods for all four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have been using formal methods for the first time in division and will revisit all four operations again this year.  We have been using and applying this method to up to 3-digit numbers and some of us have progressed onto simple words problems and onto reasoning as well. We have also looked at time (using analogue clocks with hands) as well as 3D shapes. 

We have based our writing this term on the book ‘The Fox’ which is a fable about a magpie who is deceived by a devious creature who dumps her in the desert.  We wrote a story and a non-chronological report full of facts about foxes, learning lots of interesting information which we categorised into different sections and paragraphs.

In reading we have read fiction books such as, Oliver Twist, The Secret Garden, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and many more.  We have also read poems about the environment and factual books about transport and Nelson Mandela. In our lessons, we are using inference and retrieval skills affectively to answer questions as well analysing vocabulary and authorial intent.

In Geography we have learnt about the physical and human features of Europe – examining facts about each country and identifying key attractions both natural and human-made.  We learned lots of facts about capitals, countries, currencies and languages.

In Science we have been learning about forces – looking at push pull forces and the effects of gravity and friction.  We then examined magnets and carried out experiments on magnetism – finding out that not all metals are magnetic!

Art was a subject where we enjoyed looking at the Renaissance.  We found out about the history of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance, before practicing some of his drawing and painting styles.

Y3H Autumn 1 Blog

Y3H have hit the ground running in Year 3.

We started with a special project on coal mining, finding out about the coal mines around Sunderland and the dangers associated with the work.  We created art and writing about mining.

Stones and Rocks have featured heavily in our work.  In history, we have learned about the Stone Age and how society progressed from hunter-gatherers to farming.  This has linked to our science work on rocks, soils and fossils, where we have taken part in experiments to investigate the different uses and hardness of different types of rocks.  We also discovered how fossils are created and carried out an experiment to investigate the permeability of different types of soil.

In RE we have looked at the Hindu Diwali story and discovered how Hindu children celebrate this festival with lights, decorations and special food – just like Christmas!

PE has focused on athletics skills with the class running, jumping and throwing for speed, distance, accuracy and technique.

We have introduced Y3 to the French language, where they have learned a number of greetings and introductions:  saying hello; asking someone their name, age and wellbeing etc.  We have also learned our French numbers up to 12.

Our writing group have been exploring the story of The Iron Man, and have written their own monster stories and an explanation text describing how they would trap and catch their monster!  Our phonics groups have continued to work on their more complex set 3 sounds to help them read and write sentences, letters and stories using harder spellings such as -tion (attention) and -cious (precious).

In Maths, this half term has focused on our understanding of place value as we are now using larger numbers with hundreds, tens and ones.  In addition and subtraction we have worked on our mental skills to quickly add and subtract numbers up to 20, and have begun to use that knowledge in formal column addition and subtraction.  Some of our children are beginning to understand how to carry numbers when adding, and also to exchange numbers between columns to subtract.

We have ended our half-term with a couple of special lessons on the subject of Black History Month.  Year 3 have learned about the inspiring history of Nelson Mandela and have  written reports and even poems about him!