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Year 3 – 3B

Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Year 3B – Autumn

We have had a great start to year3 and the children have all settled in well.  We have lots of fun throughout this half term and would like to share some of the work we have been doing in school and hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we have doing it.

Phonics and literacy

Each week we have a new story to explore and we have been learning lots of new sounds and words. The children learn the phonic sounds very quickly and this helps them to read word cards speedily. This in turn helps the children to become fluent with the stories we read each week. The writing the children do is based around the story they are reading and this term we have been writing letters. We have written to Father Christmas for a job and we have written to a friend asking them to come and stay for the night. The children have used lots of descriptive vocabulary to describe their bedrooms and they have written noun phrases too.


We started the year in maths by recapping children’s knowledge of place value before moving on to addition and subtraction. The children have also answered lots of real life problems which demonstrates their growing knowledge.   


At the beginning of the term we had a mini topic, this was all about coal mining in Sunderland.

The children wanted to focus on mining in Victorian times, the children thoroughly enjoyed finding out about child labour, the dangers as well as how poorly paid the job was. They even had a go at mining themselves, we used a cookie and a

cocktail stick. The children mined the chocolate chips out of the cookie trying not to disturb or break up the cookie as we related this to erosion and accidents, because there were many of them across Sunderland.  


Our history is about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. So far, we have covered the Stone Age.

We have found out that early man lived in caves or outside with no shelter. As time moved on we found out about the different types of homes they made and the materials they used to build them. We looked at tools and weapons, then we made tools from clay, the children had great fun with the hands-on learning.

D & T

Design and technology is about seasonal food as well as what is available to us in Britain all year round.

We found out that in Britain farmers grow two types of wheat for flour, they are called Winter and Spring Wheat. We used flour to make some fairy cakes, before we made them the children were able to discuss hygiene, they have an excellent knowledge regarding cleanliness and using equipment safely.

The children were delighted with their tasty result.