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Year 4 – 4S

Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Year 4S – Autumn Term 2

In Maths this term we have been learning formal written methods for multiplication and division. We have been using and applying this method to up to 3 digit numbers, within words problems and onto reasoning as well. We have also been looking at statistics in the form of tables and bar graphs. We have been able to deduct information from tables and bar graphs as well as answer and generate our own questions. We have also recapped our knowledge of equal intervals and appropriate interval choices.

We have based our writing this term on the book ‘Leaf’ which is about a polar bear who gets lost. We have written a story and a non-chronological report on polar bears. In our story we explored and empathised with the feelings of the polar bear’s character. The book drew upon real issues such as climate change and this really is affecting the Polar Regions and the animals that live there. We used our research skills to find out everything we could about polar bears. We categorised our research into appearance, habitat and diet. We also ensure we used technical vocabulary so we really sounded like experts!

In reading we have read fiction books such as, Oliver Twist, The Secret Garden, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and many more. We have also read wonderful poems such as ‘Look Out’ about lockdown 2020 and ‘Grey and White and Black’ which was about climate change from an animal’s perspective. We have performed poetry, used role play and have all read aloud in front of the class. In our lessons, we are using inference and retrieval skills affectively to answer questions as well analysing vocabulary and authorial intent.

In Geography we have been learning about landscapes. We have learned about how physical and human processes can alter the landscape such as rivers, physical weathering, biological weathering and chemical weathering. We have also learned about fossil fuels and how renewable is the way to go. Did you know non-renewable energy is running out? We wrote an excellent report on all of our knowledge.

In Science we have been learning about digestion. We first learned about the mouth and our teeth as this is where the digestive process begins. We also did a disgusting experiment where we used a pair of tights to represent the intestines, orange juice for the acid in our stomach and mushed up banana for the food. It really showed us how the intestines work and how poo is made!

Year 4S Blog Autumn

We have had an excellent start back to the year this year. Our class have shown determination and dedication to their learning and to having fun! Here are some of the highlights from the term so far.


In writing, we have been reading extract from the picture book ‘The Whale’. From this, the children have been writing phenomenal adventure stories demonstrating ambitious new words such as ominous and elusive. We have also gone on to write a newspaper report discussing whether the Great Spotted Whale was a hoax or not.


We have read a great anthology of texts so far from ‘The Secret Garden’ to nonfiction texts on the Romans. We have even performed a poem called Beach Orchestra using real instruments and powerful intonation. Through the week we focus on reading for fluency, vocabulary skills, retrieval skills, inferences skills and on Fridays we look deep into the intention of the author.


Maths this term has allowed the children to revisit key skills in formal written methods for addition and subtraction. We have also done an exceptional job of learning brand new skills such as the propertied of quadrilaterals and triangle types. In our class we have been working on reasoning questions also, practising our verbal and written responses to problems.

Wider Curriculum

We have been learning even more about the Romans this term in History. We have written a case study to compare the various emperors (some of whom were quite mad!). We have created timelines, presentations of our findings and used sources to make informed predictions.

In Art, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about animals in art. We have explored the history of animals in art through the medieval times, the Egyptian times and even the iron age. We have looked at collage artist Megan Coyle for her use of colour and technique. Finally, we have concentrated our skills on that of Rosa Bonheur and have been painting to create real life fur effects with our paint brushes.

In Science, we have looked ta changed of state. We have conducted two experiments from melting ice with sugar and salt to melting the three types of chocolate. All of use have done an excellent job of writing up our findings scientifically and thinking scientifically too.