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Autumn 1/2

Autumn 1 Curriculum Leaflet

The children are currently learning about the Vikings.   They have learned about how Vikings travelled and have made their own Longboats.  The children have also learned about the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne in 793AD:  they have looked at maps to appreciate how close Lindisfarne is to us and looked at accounts of the invasion from both the Monks and the Viking’s points of view.  We have been learning about Vikings as settlers too.

They have been writing in a range of genres including newspaper writing, where the children reported on dragon sightings and they have written diary entries from a Viking’s point of view.

The children have also been extending their learning at home by creating projects of their choice based on the Vikings.  We have had some great examples so far and are looking forward to getting more projects after the half term.  We’re looking forward to seeing them on display in the classrooms and around school.

Spring 1

Parent info year 4 Spring 1

We are very excited about our learning this term!  We are learning about our local area and have already gained lots of knowledge about our shipbuilding heritage and we’re looking forward to welcoming visitors who used to work in the shipyards.  We have also been learning about L.S. Lowry who spent lots of time in Sunderland painting working class people going about their everyday lives.  Look for news of our art gallery!

Year 4 will be spending time fundraising to help pay for a trip to Sunderland Empire where we will be seeing the West End show, Wonderland.  Our experience will help develop our writing skills and we will be writing stories with fantasy settings.


Over the half term break, children will be completing topic based projects where they can create something of interest to them based on Alice in Sunderland – we’re very much looking forward to displaying them in our classrooms and around the school.