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Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Thanks again for all your support with the children and their learning this half term.

Year 5CS Class Blog Autumn1

This half term saw us welcome all the children back to school to begin a new school year. The children have approached the beginning of year 5 with determination and a positive attitude and the teachers have enjoyed the first few weeks working together. We would like to share some of the work we have been doing in school and hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we have doing it.

     Within Literacy this half term we have been exploring the text ‘Where we Once Stood’ written by Christopher Riley. The children have explored the language used by the author, looked at the meaning of words and also written their own fiction and non-fiction piece based on the ideas in the text.

In maths the children have identified the value of digits in a number and been working hard to develop their addition and subtraction skills including carrying and exchanging when needed. They have also explored types of angles, estimated angles and also measured them with a protractor which was difficult and took perseverance.

The focus of history this half term has been Ancient Greece and in a short space of time the children have learnt lots of facts including information about the Greek Gods, the Greek games and how Greeks lived. They have identified where Ancient Greece appears in history and created a timeline of events in the Greek period.

Forces has been our focus in Science and the children have enjoyed identifying forces such as gravity and air resistance. They have looked at forces acting on an object and experimented making their own parachutes with different size parachutes. The children have also looked at water resistance and predicted the best shape for a boat to go the fastest.

In RE we have been looking at Sikhism and the sacrifices Sikh’s make for their religion. We have looked at symbols used in Sikhism and also the involvement of Sikh soldiers in WW1 and WW2. The children have explored stories about the lives of Sikhs and how their religion influences everyday life including the story of the Sikh who removed his turban. The children have been able to compare the commitment show to religion to things they are committed to e.g. sports and hobbies. 

We have begun to explore aspects of French in year 5 and after learning the alphabet we have also looked at the theme of journeys which we will continue over the term. We have enjoyed this as a class playing games and supporting each other to develop pronunciation and confidence among our peers.

In ICT the children have been working with coding. We have begun to explore simple codes for games and how changing variables affects the outcome. The children have enjoyed experimenting with code and look forward to developing this further. In art we have explored ‘Surrealism’ and the concepts behind this art movement. The children have been engaged by the work of Salvador Dali and had some great ideas whenexploring the influences and meanings behind the art pieces such as ‘The Persistence of Time’. We have also been creating our own Surreal artwork painting a simple landscape with abstract features.

Through our learning in PSHCE we have identified that school and in particular our classroom is a safe space where we can share how we feel. We have established ground rules as a class and the children have been very supportive. We have looked at what it means to be part of a team and how individuals contribute to overall success or failure. The children have been looking at ways we can develop our team skills and the impact our actions can have

In Music, we learned about the genre of rock music. We listened to various artists such as Deep Purple and Status Quo and appraised their songs. We also learned to sing ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi where the boys clearly excelled as Rock Gods.

We would like to thank you again for your continued support in the children’s learning and the returning to school. We hope you enjoy the half term break and look forward to continuing working with the children this year.