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Welcome to our class learning page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning in school.

Year 6T Class Blog Autumn

It has been lovely to welcome back the children after their summer holidays. Our Year 6 has settled back into school incredibly well and have made a great start to the year.

This half term Year 6 have been studying geography, science, RE, PE and music in the wider curriculum. The children have worked extremely hard and have produced some brilliant examples of work across the curriculum. In Geography, we studied the different biomes of the world. The children looked at how the biomes differed from each other and where they were located on a world map.

The children also produced a longer piece of writing, a non-chronological report, on the different biomes. This showed off their geographical knowledge alongside their literacy skills.

At the beginning of the year, we enjoyed our “local area” study where each year group had the opportunity to study an important aspect of Sunderland’s history. In year six, we looked at each of the bridges that span the River Wear. We used our studies to then create our own bridges using our knowledge of how to strengthen structures. In science, we have studied the topic light. Within this topic, we look at how light travels and represented this in our ownscientific diagrams. We also look at reflection and refraction and conducted mini investigations to show the effects of reflection and refection. Finally, we studied the parts of the eye and their function and discussed how light is needed to help us see.

In literacy, we have followed the ‘Read to Write’ programme in which we studied the book Rose Blanche. This was used as our literacy topic driver to allow children to gather ideas and new vocabulary. We used the story to write our own narrative which was interwoven into a diary entry. In this writing, we studied how to create atmosphere using a range of descriptive techniques and how to build cohesion using fronted adverbials within and across paragraphs.

The children have worked very hard in maths this term covering lots of different aspects of number and calculation. We have looked at the value of each digit up to and above 1 million, wrote numbers as words and solved place value problems. We have studied the written methods for the four operations of mathematics and used these methods to answer a range of calculations and solve problems

During our 5 a day maths challenge, we have explored how to answer a range of calculations, discussed different methods of answering them and looked at how to select the most efficient method for answering each calculation.