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Welcome to the Year 6 ICT Club Information Page

Hey, welcome to the Year 6 ICT Club information page, here you will be able to find out about our club and all the cool, amazing work that we get up to.

So far we have covered a range of interesting topics, however we are in the process of uploading all the content to the page, so please bare with us. First off lets introduce ourselves, we are……








When we first started our club, one of the first (and most important) jobs we needed to do was updating our Academy Information Screens around the school.

We began by reviewing the Information that was previously shown, and decided that it was all out of date or that it was not relevant anymore. Using Wallwisher we collected our ideas of what we thought should be included in the new Academy Information Screens, and cool facilities that we have here that we wanted to show off. To see our collected notes please follow the links below.

Ideas for Digital Displays
Cool Facilities here at Farringdon Academy

Once we had collected all our ideas, we distributed the work and set about designing our new Information Screens. After a couple of weeks of taking photographs, designing slides, re-working slides, learning how to add animations we created the finished product which can be found below…….

Note: please be aware, because we uploaded it via slideshare, it has taken off our animations 🙁
but believe us, they are awesome. If you dont believe us just come down and check them out!

Website Design

Our Academy used to be Farringdon Primary School however we changed to a Academy, and when we did, we also needed to change our website. We sat down and took a look at the old website and put all of our thoughts down on wallwisher, then thought about the direction we would like the new website to take. Mr Fawcett then put together some different layout ideas for the new website. We all looked and discussed the positives and negatives of each, our thoughts can be viewed below on our wallwisher.

Website Layout Thouhgts

You can see our final decision and that is the reason why our website looks the way it is.

App Reviews

We have 33 iPads in school all with the same apps on. We have nearly 100 apps on our iPads. We thought to help our Teachers and other pupils we would begin reviewing apps. When we have been doing our app reviews we have been thinking about:

  • What the app does?
  • How to play the app
  • What subject it is?
  • What age/year group is it for?

Using the questions above we wrote our reviews, please click the link below to have a look at them.

App Reviews

To be continued….

Stay tuned as we are in the process of updating the rest of the work we have been doing including, Animations, Christmas Products (including a very close competition we had!) and more. Please keep checking back to find out what we have been upto!