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Year 6 17/18

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 6 staff:

Miss Forster – Teacher
Mrs Rogers – Teaching assistant

Mrs Hordon-Clark – Teacher
Mr Hodgson – Teaching assistant

General Information


Spellings will be given out each Monday for the children to learn over the week for a test on Friday. We are grateful for any times you can spend helping your child learn their spelling words.

Maths and Literacy homework will be given on Friday to be returned no later than Wednesday. Any children who do not return their homework on time will ‘catch up’ on Friday afternoon at the beginning of ‘Golden Time’ Please ensure you child completes and returns this homework promptly to help their learning.


PE will be on Tuesday afternoon, Children will be expected to have their full school PE kits (red shorts, white t shirt, grey or black, plain sweat-pants, training shoes). It is advised that PE kits come in on a Monday and are left for the duration of the week as other opportunities for sport may arise.

Swimming classes are held on Friday afternoons however the sessions are shared across upper KS2 so children will be informed which weeks they will attend.



Friday 27th April 2018


All children have been working extremely hard, revising key areas in preparation for the SATs in a couple of weeks’ time. In maths, we have particularly focused on interpreting data from a range of charts and looked closely at pie charts – using our knowledge of fractions, percentages and angles to interpret information. Additionally, we have built on that by using data to create our own accurate bar charts, which relied on us using multiplication and protractor skills.

We have continued to read a variety of texts, this week gaining knowledge on subjects ranging from Isaac Newton to Ed Sheeran. Perfect…! To help us succeed in our SATs we have looked closely at 3 mark questions and inference, relying on us using evidence from within the text to support our answers.



Our Year Sixes had a visit from the school nursing team this week, who shared information on how to keep ourselves fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. The children particularly enjoyed putting themselves into yoga positions as a calming strategy, whilst also using stethoscopes to listen to what happens to our heart rate following exercise. We are all now super confident on how to brush our teeth and wash our hands correctly too. They were amazed to see how quickly germs can spread.


P.E days are on a Thursday this half-term, please ensure that all children have the correct PE kit in school. Swimming is also on a Thursday and suitable equipment is required.

Expectations for school uniform are black TROUSERS and BLACK shoes or trainers. Please could you ensure that all children are wearing the correct uniform before coming to school.

Morning SAM learning clubs and SATs after-school clubs on Wednesday and Thursday will continue until the completion of the SATs.

Spring Term 2018

Spring term has been a busy one for year 6. Not only are we working extremely hard in preparation for our SATs in May, but we have continued to learn about WW2 through our topic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Mogorian in guided reading and have produced some amazing pieces of writing, showing an in depth understanding of the characters from the story.

61 62

Staying on the wartime theme, and to consolidate their understanding of measure, the children were given the task of making ‘war time’ scones. The children were interested to learn about how rationing encouraged families to be creative with their cooking. Making links to maths, the children were given imperial measures which they had to convert to metric to be able to complete the recipe. The result was some very tasty cheese scones.

63 64

The highlight of this term has to be Year 6 visit to Derwent Hill. The children had so much fun walking, climbing, ‘death swinging’ and canoeing and really proved to be a great team! Their resilience was a great strength and got them through some extremely tough challenges!

As always, the Derwent Hill team sang their praises and commented on how polite and supportive they are to one another and to the adults working with them.




Autumn Term 2017

During this half term, Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about World War II through our topic, Blitz and Pieces. We began by reading and analysing the text Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti. It is a very moving story with fantastic illustrations that captured the children’s interest immediately. The children loved acting out a police interview linked to the story which lead to the children writing their own police report – we definitely have some budding future Chief Inspectors among us.

IMG_2266 IMG_2272

The children have been enthralled learning about the allies, axis and their leaders and produced some fantastic portraits for the class display. Check out the likeness of Adolf Hitler – scary!


Following that, the children watched archive footage of the Blitz and the effects it had on children and their families. They were particularly interested in what happed to the children during these times and wrote an emotional diary entry and letter home from the point of view of an evacuee. The children were able to use their imagination well by dressing up in evacuee clothes which gave them a deep empathy of how these children must have felt.

With Year 6, reading is embraced by all the children who choose to free read whenever possible. Indeed, many have bought their own copy of our class novel Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll, a World War II novel. They also enjoy keeping up-to-date with current affairs by reading our newspapers First Choice available in our Class Library.

Out topic will continue into the next half term when we will be learning lots about rationing and perhaps cooking some of the wartime recipes. In addition, we will be learning some Wartime songs and dances. Watch this space!


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